Yariv Etzion>>  Director of BPM College and Music Producer

“I met Maor when he was a student at BPM College and right from the beginning I understood that he was a serious student who devoted his whole self to music. I think that Maor has both musical talent and professionalism which he employs without the need to prove anything for the sake of his own ego.  I have no doubt that he will achieve any goal which he sets for himself.”



Frank Ferrucci>> Composer and Keyboard Artist for films and television

Review of the short animation film ‘PUAL’

“First, Congratulations! A very well thought out piece. The sound design was subtle and appropriate for this animation. I liked the dark and menacing approach… On the musical score: The low tones, the musical hits, the synth approaches and crescendos all work very well.”



Roy Coopervasser>> Composer and Sound Designer

“I had the great pleasure to teach Maor and also to work alongside him.  Maor has a quality which few people share – musical intuition.  He is able to feel the picture and the drama and to create beautiful music which keeps to its place and its purpose in the cinema.  In addition, Maor places great emphasis on listening with sensitivity and is open to ideas from others. These are important personal qualities in an industry which requires co-operation between specialists from different fields.”